A Rare Pair for British Cheese Week

British Cheese Week is being celebrated by numerous cheese shops, cheesemakers and chefs around the country from Monday 26th May - Sunday 1st June 2014.

At Glen Garioch, we are also celebrating, because our whiskies, with our robust yet smooth, velvety textures make for the perfect accompaniment to cheese.

Since it is British Cheese week, we have asked our Master Blender, Aberdeenshire born and bred, Rachel Barrie for some local cheese pairing recommendations with our delicious drams for you to enjoy this week...


Founder's Reserve - a rare pair with Cambus O'May

Nutty, earthy and full-flavoured cheese– traditional old farmhouse recipe from 1955 made from unpasteurised milk  where the curds from two separate days’ milking are mixed together to achieve a distinctive marbled effect. Reborn in 2009  (when Founder’s was launched!).  Unlike mass-produced cheese that is standard in consistency and unexciting in taste, Cambus O’May, made from raw milk, boasts a wealth of interesting flavours and textures, capturing the authentic flavours of days gone by.

Cambus O’May is a wonderful combination with Founder’s Reserve as it boosts the nutty, fruity and tangy flavours as well as the creamy/waxy textures in the whisky.    It has many analogies with the full-flavour of Glen Garioch (meaty, nutty and spicy)  and old-fashioned artisanal methods of production, promoting an authentic, rich and robust flavour.

For more information on this cheese, please visit Cambusomay.com


Glen Garioch 12 year old - a rare pair with Auld Lochnagar

Creamy, textured and acidic cheddar  – matured for 12 months for greater depth of flavour.  The added maturity of this cheddar brings a  fresh fruity tanginess to the cheese which slices through the creaminess.  It combines a full flavoured creamy and rounded texture (reminiscent of the Bennachie hills) with the fruity acidity.

The cheddar combines beautifully with the ‘lifted’ mature acidity of fresh apple and pear notes in Glen Garioch 12 year old  softened by creamy vanilla and honey following 12 years maturation in predominantly bourbon casks. 

For more information on this cheese, please visit Cambusomay.com


Glen Garioch 1995 Vintage - a rare pair with Monarch from Devenick Dairy

Devenick dairy is in Bishopston,  on the south side of Aberdeen in Banchory-Devenick, where it has been run as a dairy farm by the Groat family for generations. In 2006, they started to make other products and Monarch cheese was created. They also sell other artisanal products in their farm shop.

Monarch is a Scottish brie with a soft creamy texture and smooth velvety rind.  The 1995 vintage has a wonderful smooth creamy and cocoa-like powdery texture from the 1st fill bourbon cask influence.  The soft buttery creaminess of the Monarch brie and natural velvety rind complements the smooth buttery, toffee and  velvety cocoa-mocha flavours in the 1995  vintage.

For more information on this cheese, please visit DevenickDariy.co.uk


Glen Garioch 1986 Vintage - a rare pair with Dunsyre Blue from Ayrshire

A soft blue, mould-ripened cheese made using unpasteurised milk.  When aged, the smooth, cream-coloured cheese is streaked with blue-green mould, giving it  a spicy flavour with a slightly bitter tang, balanced with a mellow fruity creaminess throughout.

An unexpectedly superb combination.  The blue-green mould boosts and lengthens the subtle smoky, heather and wood-spice notes of the 25 years old  1986 vintage. A distinctively different combination reflecting the unique characteristics of this vintage.

If you are unable to source these pairings from where you live, we have also recommended some cheeses which pair beautifully with some of our drams on our Rare Pair page

Happy British Cheese Week everyone!

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