Specialist Series: Astor Wines & Spirits, New York City

“Astor are known for their excellent and friendly service”

Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be bringing you stories from some of the very best specialist whisky shops around the world.

Astor Wines & Spirits has been serving New York’s Greenwich Village since 1946, an extraordinarily long time for a city that changes at such a fast pace.

Their policy has always been to embrace unconventional thinking and independent behaviour; a trait that is reflected in their broad selection and one that we here at Glen Garioch can identify with.

In the city, Astor are known for their excellent and friendly service, encouraging clients to discover and try something new as well as hosting regular tastings both in store and in their new purpose built Astor Centre. In 2012 we partnered with Astor and together hand selected a single cask from our archives, a bourbon cask distilled in 1997, now sold exclusively in store and online with Astor.

We made the trip over the pond to pay a visit to one of Glen Garioch’s fervent supporters in the US and talked to Sales Manager and whisky lover Nima Ansari.

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